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Rental Studio

Your access to professional equipment

Our studio is a versatile space designed to capture photos and videos.

We have professional quality lighting and cameras.

Our green screen allows you to film subjects which can subsequently be embedded in virtual backgrounds or from other sources.

Our team can also help you with post-production, video editing, adding special effects or even photo editing.


At Real Reality / What The Frame we offer to ensure the entire production chain for all your audiovisual content, web, fiction, corporate and advertising film, etc.

Our team will guide you through each process with our 20 years of experience.

We enrich your content with 3D , Special Effects (VFX) , Motion Design and the unique use of our Virtual Studio .

3D-Motion Design

Effectiveness and impactful results

2D and 3D Motion Design animates your images, illustrations and texts. It makes the information in your videos easier to understand. It has the advantage of more easily capturing the attention of your target.

It also adapts to any type of communication.

With 3D we create any element to enrich your worlds as well as animated characters for your audiovisual content or for the virtual studio .

Motion Capture
3D avatar

An original touch for your productions

Our Motion Capture services allow you to realistically animate 3D characters in record time thanks to our mastery acquired over 20 years of practice.

We also offer you the possibility of creating your 3D avatar, for your social networks in order to add a dimension of personalization and creativity to online interactions, to create simulations of real situations in the fields of professional training, or even for create characters or mascots to represent a brand or product, etc.

These 3D characters can also be embedded in a film or content using a virtual studio.

Photo shooting

Effectiveness and impactful results


Specializing in photo book and corporate and advertising photography, we strive to capture every moment with precision and artistic flair, creating images that tell unique stories. We can come to your home, but you can also take advantage of our 100m2 fully equipped studio.

Our working approach based on storytelling is focused on you.

Our photography skills and keen eye for composition allow us to create images that accurately reflect your personality, style and aspirations.

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