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Real Reality / What The Frame: Your springboard to the careers of the future in audiovisual


Our team has extensive experience in the professional world which enriches our training. We only work for training centers or companies.

Several of them (Ethias, Gobelins, INA, Cepegra, Syntra, etc.) have trusted us to train the audiovisual professionals of tomorrow.

Currently, we are collaborating with Bruxelles Formations. In less than six months, we train competent young people, ready to enter the job market.

By choosing Real Reality / What The Frame, companies prepare their employees to meet the challenges that lie ahead, equipping them with practical skills and up-to-date knowledge.

Our strength lies in the transmission of knowledge oriented towards practice. Learners train in the audiovisual production and creation sectors through projects similar to real productions. Learners also practice green screen filming in our virtual studio and motion capture .

Is your company looking for new knowledge?

Don't miss this unique opportunity!

If you are an individual, do not hesitate to contact Bruxelles Formation .


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