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The 30th of April 2021, ended another cycle of intensive training in motion design 3D in our studio. For the fifth consecutive year, Bruxelles Formation collaborates with Real Reality to professionnally teach young people motivated by this profession.


The big news this year is the integration of Unreal Engine into the program. This software for creating virtual sets has revolutionized the audiovisual industry thanks to real-time rendering. Aligning our training with new technologies and professional requirements is essential for us in order to train young people who will be competent and prepared for the reality of the industry. This cycle of 6 months of training also forms them to use the standard tools such as C4D, Maya, Blender, After Effects, ProTools as well as green key and motion capture techniques.


We offer series of training courses geared towards specific professions in audiovisual creation. Each of these courses prepares participants to occupy a place in the production chain of a project by immersing them into practical exercises inspired by concrete cases.

After-effect, Premiere-Pro, Nuke, Cinema 4D, Blender, Da-vinci Resolve,... Everything you need to be at the forefront in your industry.

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